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by UFSocial contributor Dan Pomeroy

As part of their Introduction to Multimedia Communication course, students were challenged to create a one-minute marketing video. To make it even more challenging, students had to create the marketing video without the use of sound and to instead sell the project with visuals alone.

In the video below by Dan Pomeroy, he showcases the capabilities of a GoPro. Check out the video and then read about his inspiration in creating the video.

From Dan: “When we were given an assignment to create a one-minute video advertisement for a product my mind immediately jumped to the best video footage I had taken in the last year: underwater dive shots in Thailand. To turn this footage into an ad, I quickly recorded a video of me fake packing a bag for vacation making sure to give the GoPro extra screen time. And, to make sure the ad told a story, I then carefully pieced together footage of me and the two friends in Thailand: first on the boat, then jumping in the water, followed by the money shots of underwater pans of the beautiful scenery and of the divers underwater, ending with us coming back to the boat and an attempt to create a zoom shot of the GoPro itself to remind the audience what the ad was about. Overall it was a really fun assignment and taught me a lot about video editing.”

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