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by UFSocial contributor Cindy Goodman
As video content on social media continues to grow, more and more marketers are producing content to capture the audience’s attention and sell their product using visual storytelling.

But as this content continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to cut through the noise of so many videos playing across your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter timelines. Combine this with the fact that often users have their sound setting set to silent means to capture the audience’s attention requires telling a story through video without sound.

In the video below created by Cindy Goodman, she showcases Nike sneakers and women being active all day in their Nike shoes – all without sound.

So “Get Moving” and check out her video below and read about what inspired her to create this marketing video. ​

Getting a message across in a video without using sound is a challenging task. I considered what would grab my attention – and keep it. The answer was movement. I started the video commercial for Nike by focusing on moving feet, three pairs of feet in a row, all wearing Nike sneakers. From there, I continue throughout the short video to focus on moving feet using a variety of shots and angles. The idea was to show feet and their movement from morning until night — someone waking up, jumping rope, walking with friends, on the treadmill, even going to bed at night still wearing Nike sneakers. The message was that Nike shoes can be worn all day long and should be worn to keep active. The video closes with words on the screen. “From Morning to Night. Get Moving. Just Do It. Nike.”

As part of digital storytelling, we are learning that having a beginning, middle and end is important to structuring the multimedia story. In this case, having a beginning, middle and end, using newly learned video techniques, and knowing what the message I wanted to get across, helped me to create a short but expressive video. I believe the final product is a video under a minute long that conveys the concept of motion and athletic performance that Nike represents.
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