Curata: Eliminating Your Content Blind Spots

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by UFSocial contributor Mackenzie Puryear

Curata is an app that can help create content for your blogs and other social media posts. While there are many apps and tools to choose from that can perform similar roles, Curata is one many social media marketers may not be aware of but could meet their business’ needs.

So, what exactly is Curata?

Curata, created in 2007, helps companies use content to drive growth.  It provides both content curation and content management analytics/attribution.  According to the Curata website, there are two hurdles that marketers must overcome before reaching the final stage of content marketing maturity.  These hurdles are: ability to scale (creating content everyday), and content marketing insight (creating relevant content).

Curata’s value is to help marketers produce Data Driven Content Marketing at Scale.  Curata helps a business combine relevant daily content creation with data.  Curata understands the important notion that data, “will become the thread that weaves through each step of the content marketing process, helping to streamline the entire operation and increase its impact on the business.” (via the Curata website)

Who uses Curata (target market) and how much does it cost?

Curata can be expensive, starting at $499/month.  Curata does offer four different plans which include: intro (1 publishing channel), basic (up to 4 publishing channels), advanced (up to 9 publishing channels), and enterprise/custom (10+ publishing channels). Interested customers can call Curata for a quote and a demo for each plan.

Publishing channels include:

  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Content Management Systems
  • Email Newsletter
  • Hosted Microsite
  • Marketing Automation
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin

Curata is geared towards large businesses or corporations.  Some of its customers include: J.P. Morgan, Aramark, Cisco, Dell, and IBM. Anyone is welcome to use Curata, however, the price range may eliminate many small business clients.

This video highlights what some Curata customers have to say about its benefits.

What are some of Curata’s most notable features?

  • Uses two software solutions to help curate and create: content curation software (CCS), and content marketing platform (CMP)
  • Add insight to curated content to improve SEO
  • Mobile app for all devices
  • Plan and create content with editorial calendar and workflow
  • Create landing pages
  • Identify trending topics

What are Curata’s strengths and weaknesses?

  • Strengths:
    • Easy to use (fill out profile and customize content categories and Curata does the rest!),
    • Integrates with many social platforms and apps
    • Good at finding content relevant to your audience,
  • Weakness:
    • Price

Curata is a fantastic tool to help companies curate and create relevant content for all types of social media channels.  While it targets mainly larger businesses, it is still a company worth checking out.

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