A Peek Into Motherhood

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by UFSocial contributor Julianne McCarthy

This story focuses on Jordan, my sister-in-law, and her life as a stay-at-home mother. I’m not going to lie – the allure of spending time with my adorable nieces was a factor that motivated me to tell this story. As I approach my 30s, I’m increasingly curious about what motherhood is really like. I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in that desire to peer through the looking glass. In addition, I wanted to challenge the limiting notion that women choose to either “work” or “stay-at-home”. This 3 minute video spotlights the grit and selflessness of working as an on-site parent around the clock, from the sticky-fingered chaos to the precious moments that make it all worth it. To film, I camped out at the family household for a few days, doing my best to be a fly on the wall. Honesty during the editing process was paramount. Hopefully you’ll see that motherhood isn’t the perfect pictures flooding your newsfeed. It’s a beautiful mess.

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