Why Starbucks is Winning on Social Media

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by UFSocial contributor Barbara Edwards

Chances are you may be one of these 6 types of people in line at Starbucks (everything from the “Homicidal Caffeine Addict” to the “Average Joe”). In which case, you may be familiar with the physical environment that Starbucks strives to create for their customers, but what you may not be as familiar with is the environment the brand has created on social media.

Maybe I’m a bit #basic, but I think Starbucks is a great example of a brand that has established a distinctive brand voice. With 36.5 million Facebook page likes, 13.1 million Instagram followers, and 11.8 million Twitter followers, the Seattle-born coffee shop has become such an iconic brand, especially on social media.

New: The Homestyle Chicken & Double-Smoked Bacon Panini. Not new: the magical properties of #bacon. 🎩🐇

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All 👣👣👣 lead to ☕️. regram: @olivialvthompson

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The author of Why Brands Look Like People on Facebook explains, “A brand’s Facebook page isn’t any different from mine, and ultimately what that means is that brands have to act (and create content) just like people on these platforms.” Starbucks does an excellent job of ‘acting like a person’ on social media and has certainly developed a brand voice that they stick to across all social platforms. This definitely helps their consumers feel connected to the brand, but as more of a friendship than a business-to-consumer type of connection.

Starbucks’ brand voice is friendly, warm and comforting, yet fun and hip. It’s fascinating how, during different times of the year, Starbucks is able to engage its consumers in different ways, yet still keep that same friendly brand voice.

Warm and cozy during the winter:

Colorful and refreshing during the summer:

And everyone wants to show off their drinks, celebs (check out the Ariana Grande Frappuccino) …and even dogs! 🙂


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#puppacino @Starbucks #bloodhound

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Starbucks also does a great job of showing their philanthropic side. This is a great quality for a brand and adds to their loving nature.

And don’t forget about the #PSL! Starbucks has learned how to take a seasonal drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and create successful social media campaigns around it year after year because they know their consumers so well.

Optical illusion: stare at the Iced #PSL long enough, and the 🌼 field becomes a 🎃 patch. Regram: @damericano

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