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by UFSocial contributor Lisa Davis

Chipotle is an excellent example of a great brand voice. Everything they do resonates with their principle, “Food with integrity.”  Chipotle is focused on truth and education about food and helping the environment. The strength of their brand voice is credited to William Espey, who has been the voice lead for more than 16 years. His main job is to make sure the voice is on brand at all times. He maintains consistency with all communication channels making sure that food integrity shines through.

Chipotle is also environmentally aware, spending one-third of their budget on an effort to “Cultivate a better world.” They are a leader in the fast-food industry when it comes to this type of green marketing.

Chipotle’s target market is the Millennial generation and they are giving them what they want, high quality food at a reasonable price, all while practicing sustainability. They have released a few videos over the years making consumers aware of the issues in farming. This video below promotes a Chipotle mobile app and rewards the players with free food.

Chipotle also does a great job of keeping their voice consistent across social media. Their Facebook posts play toward the sustainability side of the brand by posting about their foundation and partnership with Slow Food USA.

While their Instagram keeps it fun and interesting with the Millennial generation.

Half lotus. Full bowl.

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Chipotle’s foundation, the Cultivate Foundation, raises money to help create a more sustainable food future for our children. Chipotle has contributed over $3 million to nutritious education, better food innovation and family farming. They carry these practices through to their restaurants, on packaging and in ads.

Their brand voice is so well rounded that they can use the same marketing strategy internationally without having to change a single thing. The brand is recognized globally by the signature Chipotle burrito.

Chipotle is definitely killing it in the brand voice category. They decided what the Chipotle brand was all about and are consistent through all aspects of their marketing strategy.

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