Eight #ProTips for Businesses on Twitter

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Twitter, the “real-time network” or “microblog” of social media, has over 313 million active users. The social media site is a platform where an audience shares ideas and experiences with their network. Businesses can use Twitter to increase reach, break and follow news, respond directly to customers, and provide immediate gratification to a target audience. It’s all about writing for the retweet. If your business is looking to optimize Twitter, here are the top eight things you need to know:

Promote your vision

Twitter allows users to pin a tweet to the top of their feed. This tweet is the first content followers see when they search for your business. Make sure this tweet is representative of your brand and business culture. It’s recommended to change the pinned tweet about once a week, so followers have enough time to process the message, but do not feel like your Twitter feed is stagnant.

Twitter can be a stepping-stone

83% of Twitter users are on mobile. Short and sweet content is key when it comes to Twitter. Use Twitter to post links that will drive followers to your website or encourage app downloads. Your tweet should be short and sweet. Twitter limits users to 140 characters for a reason!

It’s always visual

The biggest trend in social media is the use of graphics for content. Using photos, videos, gifs, memes and emoji in tweets captures an audience’s attention more than any other type of content.

Twitter = customer service

There are two customer service tools unique to Twitter. First, there is an easy and simple way to direct message customers for individualized conversation. Businesses can add “deep links” to their tweets that automatically display a “send a private message” button, so customers can easily contact your business with feedback, questions and comments. Secondly, there is a new feature called Customer Feedback that allows customers to share their thoughts on a business. This survey-functioning feature allows businesses to better understand their audience.

Use Twitter Ad Campaign

Your business may consider setting a budget for social media management. Twitter Ad Campaign is a tool that lets you pick an objective for promoted content. Whether you want to build an audience, increase website clicks or foster engagement, the paid promotional tool will use different strategies that meet what you want to invest in through advertisements.

Analyze what’s working…and what’s not

Twitter Analytics are native to Twitter and can help your business benchmark progress. Analytics give you stats on how many times your tweets showed up on followers’ newsfeeds, how many favorites and retweets you are receiving, and even where on the tweet and where on the network followers reacted to your tweet.

Keep things in context

Everyone is on Twitter, including grandmas. While social media is a defining function of millennial audiences, keep in mind that if your business is targeting older folks, you can still use social media in appropriate ways. You don’t have to put emoji in tweets to stay current if that is not what your audience responds to. Regardless of the age of your market, be cautious to implement humor without crossing a line that is too casual or silly.

Stay simple

Logos and branding placement need to stay simple on Twitter. Because most users are looking at your Twitter account on a screen, visuals need to be mobile friendly and easy to understand on a 3×6 device.

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Kristen Dugan is a public relations student at the University of Florida. She is interested in international communications and working abroad in the PR field.