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In today’s society, there are many cell phone apps that are attractive to college students around the entire country. For instance, the majority of college students are big time social media users, so they might possibly have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other applications to get their fix. Many students like playing games on the go, so by having certain games downloaded on their cell phone, they can play games whenever they desire. Applications are growing and getting more and more popular every day on college campuses. A lot of these apps are being used as tools in order for students that aren’t the most outgoing to have a social life via these applications.


According to, here’s a list of some of the most popular applications across college campuses to kick-start social lives on campus.


Every day, you pass by someone on campus who’s snapping a quick selfie to their friends. Snapchat is one of the most used social media apps because of its features. The fun filter settings make Snapchat unique from some of the other social media applications. Another feature that really grabs your attention is the geotag filter. If you happen to travel from one campus to another, you can take a quick snap and send your location to your friends.


The powerful thing about dating app Tinder is you have the ability to swipe right if you are interested in a certain person who pops up on your screen, or you can deny them by swiping left. Tinder has become arguably the most popular dating application on college campuses because of its simplicity, not to mention a lot of college students want to go on a quick date, and Tinder provides their services for this matter.


People love this app because they can take pictures through the app and save their memories for a long time. Normally, if you were to take a picture on your cell phone, it would just be stored away in your photos, but with Instagram, people can apply certain hashtags to their pictures and many people from across the world can interact with the photo poster if they are interested in the hashtag.


One reason why Facebook is so popular amongst college students is because there are certain classes that provide a group setting on the app in order to communicate with a certain professor, also get help from other classmates in a quicker manner. I know from personal experience, Facebook is a very easy way to keep up with my family since they are a couple of hours away.


The Twitterverse is easily the quickest way to get breaking news. News can be broken instantly on Twitter and can spread like a wildfire the more retweets and exposure a certain tweet gets.


These are just some of the most used applications that help students socially, but there are many other applications on campuses that are used to help get around campus and help organize a student’s workload. Let’s take a look at some of the applications from the University of Florida.


This application has come in clutch for many students, as many students in Gainesville use the RTS bus application to get from one location to another on campus, or whether they are just taking the bus from their house or apartment to campus.

University of Florida App

This might be one of the most important applications for college students for many reasons. From the UF app, you are able to add and drop your courses, along with paying for classes in the quickest way possible, especially if you are on constantly on the go. There is also a way for students to access their class schedule and other important sections, like the degree audit.


The Canvas app, in my personal opinion, is by far the most important application on this list of UF apps for a couple of reasons. The Canvas app is home to your homework assignments, organized to where you can see when a certain assignment is due. A lot of other apps don’t do that and it makes it harder on the student when it comes to having a sense of organization. Another reason this app is very important compared to the others is because it lists your work on the website and the app. In order for a college student to succeed, they have to complete their work in a timely manner and this app is one of the keys to stay on track.

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