Social Media Key to Brand Architecture Success

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by Sylvia Gethicker, UFSocial Contributor

Social media is the perfect medium for a company faced with multiple brands to manage.

To achieve greater brand awareness and consumer engagement, social media is more impactful than any form of traditional media. It is also easier to accomplish. There are tons of great tools available to social media managers to oversee multiple brands by only having to log into one program account to check activity on individual networks, compose posts, tabulate what’s happening in streams, or follow up on conversations and follower requests.


Companies can rely on a host of programs to manage their brands like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

These handy social media management dashboards keep things compartmentalized and easy to navigate.

But for some conglomerate business operations like Nestlé it can probably seem a bit overwhelming to manage a sea of brands.


When it comes to strategizing social media channels for brands that fall under a brand architecture hierarchy it is important to remember that powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube each have their own platform focus and specialties. It is important for companies to understand who uses each platform and what consumers expect when they see marketing on these platforms. This is the only way a social media manager can hope to manage their brand awareness and consumer engagement by knowing what each platform can do for them.

Pinterest is heavy on visuals–so attractive, appetizing, visually appealing products do well here.  But Pinterest is overwhelmingly used by women.

Facebook is pretty much ubiquitous but also the fastest growing channel for users aged 65+.

Instagram is about beautiful photos and short videos which appeals to many.

LinkedIn is a good tool to find business leaders, partnerships, or to increase quality staff.

Snapchat, Vine and YouTube embrace video brand awareness and target younger people and those who respond more to action.

It can seem a bit overwhelming to choose which channels to use when considering the unique and complicated needs of a billion dollar business that has many brands swimming in its tank.

The key to using the right social media channels in connection with managing multiple brands to their full advantage is understanding the consumer that need each of the brand products or services and then focus efforts to keep in the perfect swim lanes channels with the most relevant content.

Social media can make life easier for companies building brand awareness and consumer engagement. So leave the upstream swimming to the salmon and you will be okay.

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Sylvia Gethicker serves as the Senior Strategic Communications Manager for the Department of Defense Health Affairs. Other career positions include Communications Director of VSE Corporation; Senior Account Manager at PR and Marketing firm Devillier Communications; and various positions in the U.S. Marines including Spokesperson/Media Relations Chief at Camp Lejeune, NC; Public Affairs Officer, Marine Corps Air Station, New River, NC; Northern Bureau Chief, Okinawa, Japan; and Community Relations Chief for the U.S. Presidential Inaugural Committee.


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