Skills of a Successful Social Media Manager

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The most noted thought leaders agree there are key skill sets that distinguish the most effective social media managers. These skills allow one to thrive in diverse business environments. Crisis management where the survival of a major corporation is at stake is a real-world scenario for social media. So is making the company picnic a success. Regardless of the scenario these are the skills required:

Skill #1 Creativity

Social media is all about visuals. Having the creative videography skill to produce the most impactful imagery possible, will put you far ahead of your competition. “Social media marketing is not just cold, hard tactics,” says Jeff Bullas in 10 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Needs To Have on Their Resume. “It means understanding the process that provides creative content that engages with your customer and touches their hearts and not just their minds.” Add a video resume or other videos to your LinkedIn profile to show off your abilities.

Skill #2 Management

Channel, budget, project, community and time management are all qualities essential to success as a social media manager. “It requires skill sets which means managing many moving parts. Technical, analytical, creative with a bit of project management thrown in,” said Bullas. Having expertise in these areas is essential to your success and any past success should be highlighted when pursuing the next level of your career.

Skill #3 Analytics

It’s essential to create forwarding results — and even more important than that is the ability to know what to do with the results for the future. Knowing what tools to use to get metrics and being able to analyze those metrics for future success is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your toolbox. “Is your social media strategy working for your business? A good social media manager should not only be able to answer that question, but also provide data to prove it,” says Dominique Jackson in 13 Must-Have Social Media Skills.

Skill #4 Customer Service

Social media has taken customer service to a whole new level, and knowing how to handle customer service through your company’s social media is key. “As more and more people turn to social media to resolve their issues, customer service skills – especially in small businesses without full support teams – will become vital for social media managers,” said Evan LaPage in Skills Social Media Managers Will Need in 2016. “Social media professionals with customer service skills will know what tone and tact to use,” he added.

An effective social media manager is one who can consistently balance technical ability and soft skills. They need to display grace under pressure, be highly organized and extremely detail-oriented. If you possess the abilities above, then maybe a career in social media management is for you.

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