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With over 400 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in social media. It gives professionals a place to connect, publish, learn, recruit and promote. Success on LinkedIn relies on fundamental elements of social media such as compelling visual content and posts that are frequent and engaging.

“An active page is an effective page,” according to Jason A. Miller, global content marketing leader at LinkedIn. “To gain any traction with co-workers, peers and future employers, you have to share on a regular basis,” he added.

In 7 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is a Hot Mess Miller noted, “The only thing worse than an unprofessional photo is no photo at all. A profile page with a picture is seven times more likely to be viewed than a page without one.”

For results, follow the steps in the article How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile by Joe Chernov. Some steps include adding keywords to the professional headline and expanding your “Skills” entries. Simple changes like adding your LinkedIn account to your social media bios and changing your profile viewing setting from ‘Anonymous’ to ‘Public’ can make a substantial difference.

When Jabez Lebret published Why I’m Leaving You Facebook on LinkedIn, he had two people following his updates on LinkedIn. Within three weeks of publication he had almost 3,000. That’s the power of LinkedIn.

“Join (LinkedIn) groups of companies you’d like to work at and get involved and active in the discussions,” Lebret says. “That’s going to get you in front of those hiring managers and that’s really important. But everything does boil down to your profile. If your profile is not buttoned-up (and filled in) then…it will look incomplete.”

“(The) background (section of your page) should be in third person,” Lebret adds. “If you write (the background) in third person it’s a lot easier to brag about yourself. If you talk about how awesome you are in third person, suddenly it sounds like someone else is talking about you. That makes it a little easier to brag and this is the place for you to brag. You need to brag here because if someone has scrolled down to your summary and they’re reading that, then you need to get them hook, line and sinker.”

Lebret also says, “You need some recommendations, you can request (them) from connections. So reach out to your connections and ask them to please endorse you and give you a recommendation on LinkedIn. You want at least five.”

LinkedIn has built-in analytics to help monitor success and guide in the areas that need to be worked on. Moz recommends True Social Metrics for data about engagement in Chapter 9 of their Beginner’s Guide to Social Media.

Whether you’re new or well established in your field it’s clear that LinkedIn, when used effectively, can move one forward significantly and quickly.

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