Tworlds: The Social Network Based on What You’re Thinking

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by Juan A. Di Prado, UFSocial Contributor

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an article that mentioned a new social media network which had just been released and that was causing quite a stir. The name of this app: Tworlds.

At first, I didn’t have much knowledge of what Tworlds was actually about, but reading further in the article, I learned that the purpose of the app is to bring together, in an anonymous way, people from around the world who are having the same thought or feeling.

This idea intrigued me to the point that I decided to investigate further.

Basically, the way the app works is by asking the user to select a feeling or thought, which Tworlds calls a “moment”, and snapping a picture of something that represents for the user that feeling or thought. Once the picture is taken, then the app matches it to that of another user in a different point of the world.

Once the match is made, you can see the picture taken by the user you have been matched with and his/her location. No other identifier information is provided, so as to keep the anonymity of both the users.

Tworlds picture matching sample

Tworlds’ picture map

Now, you may be asking yourself the question: what is the point of doing this? Tworlds says that the app may be “used for different reasons. For some, Tworlds may be a social competition, a game…But Tworlds also offers help and understanding by finding the like-minded”.

The whole point is to find people who are thinking or experiencing the same thoughts or feelings you are having, and also seeing in which part of the world this other person is sharing a “moment” with you.


At this point, I was ready to give the app a try myself, so as to experience firsthand what it was all about. Here is my first time trying Tworlds.

I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the app was seeing who I was going to be matched with, as well as getting a feeling of how far away in the world this person was. I was not expecting to get such an immediate response from another person in Ireland, and it was kind of nice thinking that there was someone there who also thought of uploading a picture similar to mine at the same time.

Tworlds told me that “the fun thing is that (its) actually used all over the globe, so the most exotic and exciting places can show up”.

Select your feeling

Select your feeling

And this is part of what makes Tworlds unique and different from other picture-snapping apps like Snapchat or Instagram. Unlike Snapchat, for Tworlds anonymity is very important and it helps differentiate this app from the rest of the social networks out there. Tworlds says that it “ignores the narcissism of just posting about yourself or the popular selfie. Instead, Tworlds allows you to compare your life with another and become truly vulnerable and out of control”.

Also, unlike Instagram, Tworlds does not allow the user to filter any picture or upload it from a camera roll, because part of the experience is to be “real” and sincere and show images in their purest form. Regarding this, Tworlds says that this system makes it so that “only real and unpolished moments from our daily lives – the images that self-censorship on the social networks do not survive – can be compared as equals”.

Here is a quick comparison of these three apps and their main features and differences:

Across the board - Tworlds

Tworlds user, Santiago Aguerrevere, says that one of the things he enjoys the most about it the app is getting to see with which person his pictures would be matched with. “It’s almost a comparison game…I like comparing my picture to that of the user I’m matched with, and I have to say that I strive to have the better picture”, said Aguerrevere, who also admitted to have downloaded the application about a month ago.

Of course, like any new app, there is room for improvement, and right now, from what I got to experience, there is no method for the user to search for a specific moment or create a “moment” himself/herself, but as this platform continues to developed, I am sure this would change to give the user more liberty in what topic they want to Tworld about. In the meantime, we users will have to do with the preset list provided by the application.

Who wins?

Who wins?

Tworlds was developed by Noodlewerk Apps, a company based in the Netherlands, and was launched just a few months back in march of 2015. Since then, it has accumulated over 18,000 subscribers from all around the globe, though, according to the firm, “the bigger the country, the more chance to get a Tworld from there”.

Also, within the first two weeks since it was launched, Tworlds had already shared over 100,000 moments, and the app’s popularity has continued to spread. The app was named among the 10 Best iPhone/iPad apps from February 2015 by The Next Web News, and it was featured in the app rating site Appsread. So, I am sure, we will continue to see and hear more of this app in the near future.

Tworlds is available for free download on both iPhone and Android devices via their respective App Stores. In the case of iPhone users, the app requires iOS 7.0 or later, and it is compatible with iPads and iPod touch.

And now…are you ready to begin Tworlding?


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