Why Kids Are Hooked On YouTubers

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by Royce Copeland, UFSocial Contributor

If I previously had any doubt, it’s now confirmed. I am officially out of touch with Generation Z.

Jump-cut, steam of consciousness ranting and raving doesn’t work for me and it’s not really meant to, I suppose. Neither does this…

And there’s…

I see some actors who, in my view, made it big with less-than-stellar writing, acting, and directing and they even have a straight-to-internet movie coming out on July 24th. But I guess that’s part of the charm and appeal to their fans. And that’s how they – and all of the modern YouTube stars – have made it to where they now: making so much money that one of them had to address the situation with, what else, a video…

Today’s young audience IS so different from any generation before it. I guess the closest analogy would be when a television in the home became more the norm than a rarity. But even then children’s programming was almost an afterthought as “network executives assumed families would view their single TV set together”.

It wasn’t until early in the 1960’s when the networks started broadcasting cartoons “on weekend mornings when few adults were likely to watch.” Now, 50 years later, children can choose from literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different formats, characters, themes – you name it. And, they can watch them whenever they want and as often as they want. They can even skip ahead or repeat on a whim. Fifty years ago children had barley a menu to choose from for their television entertainment. Now they peruse an endless menu at an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord created just for them.

As much as I’ve read variations on the content creation/best practices theme, I’ve always only applied them to my particular needs and expected uses on social media. But those same thumb rules apply to PewdiePie and Smosh, and they’re probably some of the best examples of theory-to-practice available. They understand their audience, relate to them in entertaining ways, and produce a metric ton of unique content. Regardless of how I feel about what they’re doing, I have to respect and appreciate the amount of effort that must go into all of it. A single, seven minute video may have actually taken several hours of work to finally make it ready to upload. They make it their job look easy and fun, which, by many standards, is the key to success.

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