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by Megan Washington, UFSocial Contributor

It seems a trend that is starting to emerge with new social media applications focuses on maximizing integration into another app. Okay, maybe it is not necessarily new since we have seen Vine and Twitter work together before, but it seems these applications are perhaps becoming more advance.

By now, you may have heard your friends or somebody on television talking about Periscope. If not, then you are missing out on peeking into the life of strangers (and friends). Think of it this way: one-sided FaceTime with a text box that you can communicate your thoughts to that person. Periscope works by sending a message out via Twitter that you are LIVE—so your accounts are integrated into one another.

Streaming live has never been easier, actually.

One of my very first Periscope experiences was on National Pizza Day when the boyband O-Town (from ABC’s Making the Band) hosted a digital pizza party. My interest was sparked because of the creativity that the platform seemed to offer while broadcasting the life of someone on the opposite end of the device. I felt like Big Brother.

A new application that I have recently downloaded that is pretty neat is WWE’s Tough Enough app.

Tough Enough Pic: WWE

Tough Enough Pic: WWE

Tough Enough is a reality series that follows thirteen contestants trying to win a $250,000 contract with the wrestling company. App users can browse cast biographies, a news stream, and in the “social” tab you can view tweets from a few of the WWE twitter accounts. Naturally, like many apps you can also share the content directly from the app to your Twitter, Facebook, or even through email.

You’re probably asking how this social media app is extra cool, though.

During the live television broadcasts of Tough Enough, which runs Tuesday nights at 8PM on USA Network, those who have the app installed on their smartphones have the power in their hands to decide which contestant goes home. The screen changes within the app and goes from “Tap for Details” to “Tap to Vote Now” when the audience is able to place their vote. After the show comes back from commercial break, the results are announced via live television.  Ultimately app users will be crowning a male and female champion of the show and awarding them a $250,000 contract. That’s a lot of power.

WWE has also partnered with Periscope to ensure that the barrier between wrestlers and fans continues to be broken down and that deeper connections are established. The links for the Periscope feeds also display in the Tough Enough app. Users can click the links within the app but once the links are clicked you will be directed away from the Tough Enough app and to the Periscope app.

The Tough Enough application incorporates a lot of social elements so it is definitely a one-stop-shop for those who are fans of the show. The developers did a great job in making sure fans do not miss a beat and that they are plugged in everywhere at all times.

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